Best Forex Brokers in Nigeria 2018


Alpari, a global forex broker, announced that it has re-opened its doors for business on the Nigerian market. The news come just 2 months after the UK division of the company shut down its office in India and leave the developing country.

The Oil Price Crash had increased the pressure on the exchange rate to the point where the Central Bank had no other option but to let the Naira devalue again. The industry is seeing a stable growth rate around the world, especially in Africa and Asia, but among all countries Nigeria is growing at the fastest pace. Inflation slowed to

General Regulation & Nigerian Regulation

NOTE: ALL THE FOREX BROKERS HAVE A DEMO ACCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR USERS. TOP 10 FOREX BROKERS IN NIGERIA [FXTM] The founder of this award winning forex broker is Andrey Dashin, the person behind Alpari Forex Broker.

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