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Steven Gerrard Returns to Liverpool.


C, USA ladel rocketmail. Management Consultant, Accenture, Lagos, Nigeria. Assistant University of Toulouse, Toulousse, France. Admin Manager, Tantalizers Foods Inc. Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lagos, Nigeria.

Remi Onasanya nee Folarin. Toyin Mobee nee Aluko. Humber College, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Pharmaceutical Representative, Lundbeck Canada. Lawyer, Intercontinental Bank Lagos, Nigeria. Adebisi Sapara nee Molake. Chinonye Nduaguba nee Nwudu. Ibifuro Wakama-Young nee Wakama. Chineze Gbenga-Oluwatoye nee Amaikwu. Schlumberger Oilfield Services, V. Aramide Phinheiro-Boatswain nee Pinheiro. Nigerian Communications Comission Abuja, Nigeria.

They must not kneel on our dime. Important political and economic issues affecting the Nigerian people, such as the allocation of resources, are worthwhile topics for respectful debate in a democracy.

Within the context of unity, we encourage all Nigerians to support a de-escalation of tensions and peaceful resolution of grievances. So what did we do wrong? And still believe that. Finally it seems the Democrats have finally turned the corner and are now ready to face up to their abysmal performance in the last presidential election by acknowledging that the American people indeed choose Trump over their Hillary Clinton.

Thankfully, they will also now rest their "Russians Did It" cockamamie and find a message they can present to the people and for the good of the country.. Time to move the process forward is now as American people did not buy into the crap of a Russian collusion which they tried unsuccessfully to sell to them.

They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. As I said, they will be met with the fire and fury and, frankly, power. He probably thinks Barack Obama the redline president is still in office; but unbeknownst to him there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald John Trump and he does not mess around. Hopefully China can rein in the little man before he commits mass suicide with his North Korean people.

ICHEOKU says once again the diminutive midget of Pyongyang has been advised to heed the resolution of the United Nations firm stand against his continuing provocations; and that the total wiping out of his North Korea is now an option should he force the hands of the United States of American military. Any threat to the United States or its territories, including Guam, or our allies will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming.

We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea, but as I said, we have many options to do so. A referendum on the future of Biafra is a legitimate demand of the people and it is their right to so do.

The people of the Nation of Biafra want to go their own way because of the hostilities from other member nations of Nigeria. Let the United Nations order a referendum and let the people decide their own Biafraexit. Indigenous Peoples of Biafra are marching forward and hopefully they will soon get to the promised land. However, aside from work, I have little joy.

Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into a twisted being, just like me. Memories precipitated by love is the only true riches which will follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to go on. The most expensive bed in the world is the sick bed.

You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear sickness for you. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost — Life. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. We can contain it as long as we stay vigilant, but it can never truly be destroyed.

That she is beautiful is without a doubt and that she is also everything any man wants and desires to see in a woman - the suppleness of the female, a fact.

Unfortunately, like all things that glitters are not gold, that very sexy and very attractive woman has now lost almost everything that indeed makes a woman thick, to preventing a possibly ravaging cancer, which killed her mother. Icheoku also commends Brad Pitt for being strong and strongly standing by his woman at this time of grueling challenges; but with love everything is possible and the good Lord will see them through.

All the best Angie and may what you have already sacrificed serve as a bulwark to the venomous monster. Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Icheoku says unfortunately for all those armed to the kilt and ready to go hunt them down, the man who brought down the German airline, Germanwings, was one of them and not the usual Arab or Muslim looking terrorist bomber.

Icheoku insist that it should not only be when white people are involved in acts of terror, that excuses of mental incapacity are invoked. Icheoku says if indeed there is heaven where meritorious persons are rewarded according to their deeds while they sojourned here on earth, surely Lee Kuan Yew would be readily recommended by his people for a prominent seat therein.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is not yet blessed with such people as above as none of Nigeria's leaders would be so missed when eventually they are gone. Not Olusegun Obasanjo, who most Nigerians will celebrate his departure whenever he kicks the bucket; not Sani Abacha whose death Nigerians prayed was not soon enough in coming; not Ibrahim Babangida whose happenstance on the Nigeria political landscape left so much to be desired including the annulment of the freest election of June 12; and of course not Muhammad Buhari who is yet to apologize for those three innocent Nigerians he murdered.

So because of this incapacity, they will not be so missed nor so mourned at their departure since they failed to lead Nigeria to greatness. Except for regional leaders like Obafemi Awolowo and Odimegwu Ojukwu, who both provided that type of leadership to their Yoruba and Igbo people of Biafra and may be Ahmadu Bello for his Northern people, no Nigerian leader ever had what it takes to join this class of leaders.

Icheoku says what a great news indeed it is for democracy development in Nigeria that finally, the government facilitated enabling environment for opposition parties to thrive has produced a good result.

It is a good thing for Nigerians to be proud of that finally a viable opposition party is putting a strong showing in this election Icheoku says congratulations to President Goodluck Jonathan and his PDP as well as the facilitators of the APC, Nigeria's current strongest opposition party, for making this remarkable development possible.

So as you vote for your preferred candidate, remember that there will be more elections in the future of Nigeria and that if your candidate did not win this time, there will be always a next time for a do-over, so don't sweat it. That Icheoku has a preferred candidate in this election is without doubt and Icheoku hereby urge those still voting or leaning Buhari to seriously reconsider their decision. Icheoku insists that Buhari is not such best interest, particularly his very advanced age seriously considered.

But Buhari voters factored in, Icheoku is still very confident that President Goodluck Jonathan will emerge victorious in this election. Please do not simply because you want to spite your face, cut off your nose. President Jonathan may not have impressed you enough to easily earn your votes for a second term; President Jonathan may not have wowed you enough to be considered deserving of your votes this second time; President Jonathan may in your eyes and judgment be timid, unappealing, uninspiring, uncharismatic, too reserved and too gentlemanly; but is a 72 year grandpa a replacement option you would comfortably and satisfactorily sign off on?

Also to those fence sitters, those undecided voters who are still straddling the fence on who to vote for, Icheoku urges you to break for President Jonathan.

Icheoku knows this for a fact as chronicled presidencies throughout the world shows the same pattern and President Jonathan's second term will not be an oddball exception. Happy voting day Nigerians.

Icheoku says except for the fumes of their propaganda, the Bola Tinubu owned and controlled APC Activists Political Charlatans is running on empty and will sputter to a bitter halt on March 28, when their presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari would be trounced and roundly defeated by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Icheoku says Nigerians please do not buy into the snake-oil that is Muhammad Buhari, which Nigeria's Western detractors have packaged and deceitfully trying to offload on Nigeria. I would also like to thank the American taxpayer for his and her hard-earned dollars that has enabled us.

Icheoku says finally at last an urbane and well-mannered president is in charge in Kabul. A man who knows that the Americans are there principally for the interest of Afghanis and that their sacrifice in blood and treasure is for their benefit. Unlike the other crackhead former President Kazai, who was used to running his mouth in disparagement of the Americans as if the Americans were there securing Americans lives and way of life and not those of Afghanis.

But hey, the reason there is difference in people and their exposures. Icheoku says this President Ghani has by this singular act of showing and expressing gratitude, enamored himself in our hearts and we wont mind that our taxes are being used in securing his people and country.

A civilized gentleman is the newly elected president of Afghanistan, Ashram Ghani Ahmadzai. Icheoku says anyone who follows America's manner of speaking very closely, would clearly understand that the White House seem to have finally given President Jonathan the okay, all clear, green light to win the rescheduled presidential election of March 28, Listen closely to what the president said and how he said it, with emphasis on certain words; and then decipher what is coded in the message.

The purport of this statement is for Nigeria to stay the course and not change the horse midstream; because the international community as well as the financial world want a steady fiscal and political policies in Nigeria to shore up their confidence in the security of their investments and projects undertaken and being undertaken.

Therefore the president wants Nigerians to consolidate the gains of the past years and not to start experimenting with new, untested and unproven quantum, de novo. Obviously Nigerians understand the person of interest here and the reason why this telegraph was sent out. APC's Muhammadu Buhari has promised the shedding of "the blood of baboons and dogs", and equally threatened to make Nigeria bloodier this time than he made it in Fourth, the president said that Boko Haram must be defeated.

Nigerians know who among the two principal candidates has the back of Boko Haram covered and the one who is kicking their butt decisively. Boko Haram has become particularly of great concern to the Americans because they have joined forces with ISIS, the other terrorist group America is battling in the Middle East.

Anyway, it was one heck of a good address to the Nigerian people; at least Nigeria, for once, got some good reportage from the Americans and in a very long time. Whether the victor is incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan or opposition challenger General Muhammadu Buhari is entirely for Nigerians to decide. As friends and democratic partners of Nigeria, we urge that the voting for president and parliament go forward as scheduled on March 28; there should be no further delay of this crucial vote.

We are heartened by the fact that Nigerians from across the political spectrum appear to recognize the necessity of inaugurating a new president by the constitutionally mandated deadline of May In , more than people died in post-election clashes, and a recent survey shows that half of Nigerians are concerned about political intimidation this time around.

The good news is that President Jonathan and General Buhari have repeatedly and publicly stressed their commitment to nonviolence before, during, and after Election Day. Both candidates have affirmed their intent to act solely through legal channels in pursuing any concerns that might arise regarding the fairness of the vote. It is imperative that they — and their backers — live up to this pledge.

Elections should be decided at the ballot box and, if necessary, in the courts; not through efforts to coerce others. The countries we represent, the United States and the United Kingdom, strongly support the pledges articulated by the Nigerian candidates.

The elections must be decided in accordance with the rule of law. It follows that any person who incites violence at any stage in the electoral process, or who seeks power through unconstitutional means, should be held accountable and should understand that the consequences will be severe, both domestically and internationally.

After an election, it is natural to focus attention on the winner, but in any democracy, the unsuccessful candidates also have critical roles to play. No one expects any political leader to retreat from firmly-held policy positions or beliefs, but a losing candidate owes it to his or her country to acknowledge defeat as soon as the popular verdict is clear, to urge supporters to accept the outcome, and to advocate unity in the face of national threats.

That is the kind of leadership Nigeria needs. A free, fair and peaceful presidential election does not guarantee a successful democracy, but it is nevertheless an essential ingredient — especially now in Nigeria.

This is a country rich in resources and blessed by a creative and dynamic population. Its leaders can be extremely effective as evidenced by their swift action to prevent Ebola from establishing a foothold in their nation — thus saving thousands of lives. Overall economic growth rates are healthy and parts of the country are doing well.

And yet, Nigeria has been held back by local tensions, a wide disparity between rich and poor, the lack of an adequate safety net for the disadvantaged, shortages of electricity, a rigid bureaucracy, and widespread corruption. These challenges have made the country vulnerable to internal conflict including the kidnappings, murders, and other atrocities perpetrated by Boko Haram.

We urge all eligible Nigerians to vote, to resist those who attempt to incite violence, and to come together as one country to defend against terrorist threats and to build the shared prosperity and enduring freedom all Nigerian citizens deserve. Edwin Clark was a minister way back in the sixties and almost fifty years later, the same man is still having a say on how Nigeria is governed? Ditto Alex Ekwueme, Samuel Ogbomudia, Jim Nwobodo, Ebenezar Babatope, Balarabe Musa and so many other dinosaurs of Nigerian political landscape, who have refused to yield the space and move away to make way for the new generation to try their luck?

Icheoku queries when shall our people ever be finally freed of some of these apparent hold-backs, some of which have seen nineteen century solution being applied to twenty first century problems? Icheoku asks, are these entrenched political dinosaurs never ashamed that President Barack Obama of the United States of America not too long ago just turned fifty years old?

When these people travel to meet these youthful leaders of other more progressive countries, how do they feel about their own deprived youths at home and generally being protocoled? Their stale ideas and archaic way of doing things no longer works nor has any value-added place in this new millennium.

It is about time the app-generation is allowed access to power so that they can introduce virtual knowledge to problem solving in order to keep moving the country forward. These stone-aged politicians' stale understanding of micro-economics and other basic intricacies of governance is no longer what drives the modern world and they all need to be retired and NOW. Does grandpa understand the language of modern foreign relations well enough that what he needs for Nigeria from these foreign leaders, he knows how to speak it and get result?

But a culture that still defers to this sort of controlling anomaly is yet to deem it fit to tell these council of elders that their rightful place is their retirement country homes but not the seat of power. These elders should be minded to move away from seat of power or forced to do so; to make way for the young and restless, who are more energetic, to competitively take on their global colleagues from other countries and make Nigeria sizzle.

So, as you go into the voting booth on March 28, ask yourself are you going to remain part of the problem or would you rather become part of the solution. Icheoku says suddenly the same man who severely and severally vilified President Jonathan for not being tough enough and not going hard on Boko Haram, sullen at the recent successes recorded by the government against the terrorist urchins, has now started singing a different tune?

The Ota Deity said Boko Haram has "legitimate grievances" and now wants the government to negotiate with the terrorist group? Would the government negotiate with the ghosts or spirits or dead bodies of Boko Haram terrorists and agree to concede to them the swaths of territories in Northeast Nigeria to serve as their Islamic caliphate?

Or rather has Muhammadu Buhari finally agreed and accepted Boko Haram's nomination of him to serve as their go-between in any negotiation with the government?

Icheoku asks what is there to negotiate with Boko Haram after being roundly routed and almost defeated by a new improved and better equipped brave fighting men and women of the Nigerian armed forces? The government must not again agree to negotiate with these faceless creeps, who rejected all past overtures made in that direction; and instead, have kept terror alive in Nigeria and for such a long time. Instead of commending and congratulating the government for a job well done so far and for improvising for the denied military weaponry by the West, Olusegun Obasanjo is rather busily pontificating a nonsensical proposition?

Icheoku says Nigerians must wake up fast before it is too late and wean themselves off the cool-aid they are drinking with the candidacy of Muhammadu Buhari. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. ICHEOKU says the season of sleaze is here upon us and men seem not to be winning the war; simply because they are too circumspect and do not want to engage in sullenness.

But those crazed out, wild eyed, dogs in heat, keep on coming. ICHEOKU says time to push back and fight back, came since yesterday, only that these men are playing it cool and will regret it. Time to man up is NOW? Eough of the ongoing nonsense. Kathryn Mayorga is the latest nutjob, now accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of "raping" her in his hotel room. Ford confidential letter, who did it? She was the only one who had the letter, alongside another California Congress woman.

But hey, she can deny all she wants, but the world now knows who cannot and does not respect a constituent's wish that her letter be kept confidential and her identity not be revealed.

A case of dirty Dianna, one would say for a 85 year old Senator playing a hard ball, albeit dirty. ICHEOKU says she lied about her fear of flying; about the exactitude of what actually happened, has no recollection of the year, month and day of the alleged incident; and also other inconsistencies, She chooses to remember what she wants to remember and to others, it was I don't remember.

Literally put, she deploy her training as a psychologist to pull a fast one on the American people. I promised to Make America Great Again, not the globe. ICHEOKU says for a case that has no correlation nor bearing to the Russian Collusion investigation; yet the case was dredged up as a sword of Damocles to make him sing or compose against the president.

But like a man, he faced his traducers shoulder squared to the end, ICHEOKU says the mafia are wise men for a reason because they believe in the law of omertà and also has a motto that two can only keep a secret when one is dead. Paul Manafort was taken down by a long time friend, who he mentored and yes, Rick Gates was used by the prosecutor to drive the final nail in Paul Manafort's coffin. His testimony literary sealed Paul Manafort's fate, admitted a mountain of evidence did him in as well.

So sad that trusting people these days is at your own risk and you wonder what has become of the time honored integrity and honor and candor. But hey, he lived it up and so, might as well pay it really up with a lengthy prison sentence.

Why rich people do not like to pay their taxes is beyond so many people's understanding. Sad but grateful for a life well fulfilled. It is a trite law that justice must not only be done but must be seen to be manifestly done and this includes prosecutorial conduct. The question is could an unbiased third party watching from the outside believe that what Peter Strzok did was free of bias?

If the answer is no, then bias is to be inferred and this automatically should have precluded him from going forth. But no, he had an agenda to "stop Trump" and this blindly propelled him on, leading to his disgraceful forced removal. Therefore, his dismissal from the FBI is in order. What Jesus will judge gets lengthier every day. The Ciroma Adamawa was 84 years old and died of complications of infirmities of the old age. King James has once again divorced his homeland Cleveland Cavaliers and headed West to be with Kobe Bryant's former championship side.

Joe Jackson died of pancreatic cancer, he was 89 years old. Tel No today; and send her a strong message that America has no room for discrimination of any type and kind. What a hateful bigoted lesbian. He was 68 years old. He was 20 years old. May his restless soul now find peace. Like Senator Dianne Feinstein who was president of the Board of Supervisors when Moscone was killed and assumed acting Mayor before winning her own mayoral race; London Breed was president of Board of Supervisors when Mayor Ed Lee died and assumed acting Mayor before she was ousted and then ran for the office and now won.

At such an age, that the president still exhibits such energy and stamina is simply inexplicable nor could be explained in any other way other than that it is simply divine. The boy is good and he rocks! I thank President Trump for doing this. Now, he has left Nigeria alone to continue being under pressure as he flies away into the clouds.

May his restless soul now find respite from the pressures of Nigeria. So long Rastaman, Adieu! It was well earned. God speed through Cleveland. Game 2 comes up on Sunday June 10, A well qualified agent who has done so much to protect and safeguard the country and will do a wonderful job leading men and women she has been with for over 30 years.

Just wondering whether the conservative British Royal Family will tolerate another fashionista in the Household after Lady Diana experience, especially one that will take the shine and spotlight out of Queen Elizabeth. Also, bare shoulders might be considered a no, no, as well for their princess. But hey, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex look smashingly hot.

He was 17 years old and allegedly used his father's guns to carry out the shootings. Luckily, AK47 was not implicated in this shooting.

At 92 years old and you wonder if the guy wants to be buried as a serving Prime Minister. Please Malaysians, ICHEOKU says not to encourage such aberration as the former prime minister has no utility left in him to offer, especially not at his very advanced old age.

But hey, the guy still looks good at Her name is Andrea Constand and she is a lesbian; and you wonder if her encounter with Bill Cosby did her in and affected her love of men and forced her to switch her interest in men. But whatever triggered her sexual preferences, she will go down in history as the woman who brought down Bill Cosby. He is now officially a sex offender and predator who is required to registered as one. What a sad way to end a storied career at 80 years old; but as always the downfall of many a man is always women.

But why he chose to drug women to have them is beyond reprehensible or does he not know how to smooth talk off their panties. May God give him the strength to cope and carry on, regardless of how long. He was 49 years old. His cause of death is yet to be determined; but he was an alcoholic and battled depression as well as suicide thoughts. ICHEOKU says how long her heartthrob will survive, nobody knows; but most people that are this close, usually follow each other soon.

May her matronly soul now rest. George Stephanopoulos did not follow up on many questions which the American people wanted answered clearly and fully. But hey, the guy is not a straight shooter and it showed. Our warnings have been left unheard. A pre-designed scenario is being implemented. Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.

All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris. Insulting the President of Russia is unacceptable and inadmissible. ICHEOKU wished that they had asked Zucker why Facebook is regulating Freedom of Speech and forcing everyone into a near group thinking by censoring speeches which Facebook consider too strong for snowflakes.

ICHEOKU maintains that Facebook must rise above being the policeman of speeches and allow people with different views and philosophies to equally express them on Facebook.

Instead of blocking people for their viewpoints, there should be a "WARNING" which says the viewpoint expressed might contain harsh materials for Snowflakes because it contains conservative views, viewers discretion is advised; or as with homosexuals, that it contains same sex materials or as with religious viewpoints that it talked about Jesus, so viewers discretion advised..

ICHEOKU says this will be a more sensible censor rather than a bunch of jellies who has never experienced life outside Silicon Valley deciding what speech to be allowed and what speech to be censored. But overall, Mark held his own and should try and put on suits more often. It made him more respectable rather than the "boy" which so many people see when they look at him in his t-shirt and denim.

But short of the ongoing attempt at regulating speech, Facebook should be allowed to continue to operate without much regulation as Facebookers love their portal. ICHEOKU says exactly what accountability and the rule of law really looks like, when nobody including a former president is too big to be jailed.

Unlike the United States of America which is still pussyfooting with holding Queen Crooked Hillary accountable for her many sins of corruption and destroying of evidence. Dictatorship exists in all countries but with different tactics! They only care for personal and short-term gains and will do anything to reach their goals, even by fooling simple-minded people, hiding the truth, manipulating science and everything, putting public mental and physical health at risk, abusing non-human animals, polluting the environment, destroying family values, promoting materialism and sexual degeneration in the name of freedom and turning people into programmed robots!

ICHEOKU says for a president who has zero tolerance for milking the public treasury, it was only a matter of time before a secretary accused of taking his wife on an European vacation on the public dim got whacked.

As everyone knows, accountability and transparency are important values under President Trump and he suffers no one lightly who breaches this canon.

There was a valid subsisting contract between his client and Trump, which he encouraged his client to breach and for which she could be held liable for damages. The argument that the contract was defective for not being personally signed by Trump has no legal legs with which to stand because whatever ills that hitherto afflicted it or would have bedeviled it was cured when Stormy Daniels accepted a benefit for forbearance therefrom.

Her accepting the consideration cured every defect in the contract and she is bound by it. So, the stripping whore who takes off her panties on a first date might turn around and sue her lawyer for wrongful advise and incompetent representation if found liable for breach of her contract of Non Disclosure Agreement. But hey, the whole world is waiting to see how the matter is finally fully resolved.

Also Stormy Daniels has already breached the contract by going public with the encounter, so her suit to void the contract is already mute and should be dismissed with cost for bringing a frivolous lawsuit and wasting the time of the court.

ICHEOKU says surely but gradually, the president is finally assembling the type of staff that will help him achieve his MAGA agenda; people who believe in his policies and will help him achieve them; rather than setting their own different policy agendas. So long McMaster and welcome Bolton.

It is sad that he has to express his outcry for his personal challenges in his life in this manner. Congratulations to the authorities for solving the Austin bombing and quickly. He is a nose ring wearing, purple hair dying, homosexual vegan, who does not seem to be at inner peace with himself. But hey, he did not say anything stranger than what their Camp Sore Losers have been saying since last November 8, But hey, they can say all they want to say but American women know who truly loves them and gets their back.

Hubert de Givenchy, whose line, "Givenchy" is named after him was 91 years old. He died of old age natural causes related infirmities. He had a wonderful run. May his soul rest. She forced the president's hands and she has to be let go and shoved out of her White House job as Communication Director. Regrettably her later qualifier that the "white lies" has nothing to do with the Russian Collusion and Mueller investigation is rather irrelevant because the doubt has already been sowed and created, especially in the minds of the president's traducers.

What a career somersault and tumbling by reason of self immolation. But the good old Biafran, like every mortal, has finally succumbed to old age. He was 90 years old and died of old age related infirmities and natural cause.

Colonel Joseph Hannibal Achuzie was beloved by the people of Biafra, for whose cause he sacrificed so much. Rest in peace Colonel. It only made a generalized rebuttal that the application for the FISA court was not based on Steele's dossier, but admitted it made "narrow" use of information therefrom.

However, it did not deny nor made any rebuttal about the accusations of the Republican memo that the FBI and DOJ tried to frustrate the Trump campaign and presidency. Anyway, American people have since seen what exactly took place during the last election. ICHEOKU says at 49 and loveless, childless and now husbandless, her window of finding true love is actually fast closing. What the problem is, only Jennifer knows; but she sure do look like an intimidating personality.

She possibly finds it extremely difficult to step down from her high perch and play a wifely role, being somewhat under a man. Such attitude possibly is in the way of her finding a serious man to be with. She wants a serious man but will not do what it takes by stepping down a notch to accommodate a man's ego. Only a sissy man will accept such role and she will not accept any sissy man.

Another example of a successful woman who has not made up her mind on exactly what she want as she wants it all. Anyway, best of wishes Ms. With Mugabe gone and Zuma gone, it is about time the people of Cameroon also find a way to ease out their own entrenched President Paul Biya out of office.

She also proved beyond all shadows of doubt that she was indeed, actually FIRED from her White House gig for being just a gossipy blubber and contributed nothing useful to the White House. In her Celebrity Big Brother show, she has been running her mouth like a broken faucet about her experience in the White House during her stint there; making wild claims and allegations. Her latest bomb was that Vice Pence Mike Pence believes that Jesus talks to him, claiming that Mike Pence would be worse than President Trump if he ever becomes president and that America will be so confounded by his policies and actions, that they would wish and pray for Trump to come back.

Anyway, any woman who can say and do anything just for fame and fortune, might as well be a hooker turning tricks for crying out loud.

She does not hold any appeal for ICHEOKU and she should not for any discerning real man who has values and taste in women, especially well nurtured ladies. What a public enemy number one and an American reject numero uno she has become. They've done an incredible job of creating what really is the most advanced rocket in the world, the biggest rocket in the world. I'm still trying to absorb everything that happened because it seems surreal to me.

What a great game it was and it was enthralling through out the four quarters. ICHEOKU says what took him this long in the face of all the apparent conflict of interest, whether or not they were true. The imperative here is the appearance of it, a matter made worse by tweets and other messages which somewhat implicated him in the play up attempt to stop President Donald John Trump from winning the last election and to sabotage him should he win.

But better late than never as the damage is already done and trust in him is suspect at best. Mr Ingvar Kamprad died on Sunday January 28, of old age related infirmities. It is my honor and privilege to sentence you. You do not deserve to walk about outside a prison ever again. You have done nothing to control those urges and anywhere you walk, destruction will occur to the most vulnerable.

To his victims, our solidarity. He was 78 years old. May his soul now rest and hopefully he can rejoin his paramour Miriam Makela for them to continue making good music in the land beyond. So, if you have invested heavily in that crypto currency, this time might be a good time to shed some of your loads to avoid an assured hypertension triggering collpase which might be headed your way.

South Korea has just banned prospecting on the currency. But hey, like those who were sucker punched by the MMM, please do not allow yourself to be caught flat-footed this time. Remember that a scheduled war does not kill a disabled person. Now his world is come crashing down around him and with no one friend to run to, might eventually run mad.

Not worth the current feverish drama which it is getting, because the salacious author lacks credibility and is not a believable personality.

Fire and Fury is a pure fictitious tissue of lies and innuendoes. It is a great hope. ICHEOKU says hopefully he will translate the "great hope" into actionable developments for the people who reposed their hope in him by electing him president. Jerusalem is our capital. Always was, always will be. It thrives on fear. It exploits the weak. It destroys critical thinking. Our salvation is in insisting on a rational society. Enough of these superstitions and greed. He was 65 years old.

In their hatchet job against men, all that is required is a "she said" and puff, a career goes up in smoke. Soon to be former Senator Al Franken is their latest victim as his political career just ended abruptly and in the same manner it started when he defeated a Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in on a first try with a razor thin majority of votes out of about three million total votes cast.

HIs political career just ended. Whom the bell tolls next is but anyone wildest guest. But are these women gone amok or what? May the souls of the killed now find rest. What a dog eat dog situation it is that a supposedly Islamic religionists are killing fellow Islamic religionists, regardless of sects.

Charles Manson was 83 years and died of natural causes. Who knows whether he repented of his sins before this night of his final stay on this earth. May his soul be judged according to his misdeeds.

He was more than terrible; in short, he lived a human Lucifer. Goodluck Jesse and all the best. Instead of being the good ambassadors, they turned into petty thieves, shoplifting from stores. In their commendation, the magazine said: A 'she said, he said' recollection of memory gone dim nearly forty years later, is not a sufficient evidence of his guilt. Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, the domestic white terrorist who massacred 26 people and injured 30 others inside a First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

He looks a gay homosexual white American male and filled with hate. Kelly is towing the same exact path but he is being branded a creep who is involved in sexual occultism.

They and only them are always above board while others including those imitating them are pervs; otherwise how does anyone explain the two conducts and harems kept by the two men any differently?

ICHEOKU says it is the season that keeps on giving as another Hollywood big shot has been caught in a child molestation scandal of several years ago.

Kevin Spacey sexually abused a 14 year old boy, Anthony Rapp; and in his defense, he said he is a gay man. Percentage of seats held by women in country's national parliament or legislative houses.

For most countries, this entry gives the date that sovereignty was achieved and from which nation, empire, or trusteeship. For the other countries, the date given may not represent "independence" in the strict sense, but rather some significant nationhood event such as the traditional founding date or the date of unification, federation, confederation, establishment, fundamental change in the form of government, or state succession.

Dependent areas include the notation "none" followed by the nature of their dependency status. The highest court s subfield includes the name s of a country's highest level court s , the number and titles of the judges, and the types of cases heard by the court, which commonly are based on civil, criminal, administrative, and constitutional law. A number of countries have separate constitutional courts. The judge selection and term of office subfield includes the organizations and associated officials responsible for nominating and appointing judges, and a brief description of the process.

The selection process can be indicative of the independence of a country's court system from other branches of its government. Also included in this subfield are judges' tenures, which can range from a few years, to a specified retirement age, to lifelong appointments. The subordinate courts subfield lists the courts lower in the hierarchy of a country's court system.

A few countries with federal-style governments, such as Brazil, Canada, and the US, in addition to their federal court, have separate state- or province-level court systems, though generally the two systems interact. Basis of executive legitimacy: Basis of executive legitimacy. No date was available from the Wikipedia article, so we used the date of retrieval.

This entry gives information on the five categories of illicit drugs - narcotics, stimulants, depressants sedatives , hallucinogens, and cannabis. These categories include many drugs legally produced and prescribed by doctors as well as those illegally produced and sold outside of medical channels. Cannabis Cannabis sativa is the common hemp plant, which provides hallucinogens with some sedative properties, and includes marijuana pot, Acapulco gold, grass, reefer , tetrahydrocannabinol THC, Marinol , hashish hash , and hashish oil hash oil.

Coca mostly Erythroxylum coca is a bush with leaves that contain the stimulant used to make cocaine. Coca is not to be confused with cocoa, which comes from cacao seeds and is used in making chocolate, cocoa, and cocoa butter.

Cocaine is a stimulant derived from the leaves of the coca bush. Depressants sedatives are drugs that reduce tension and anxiety and include chloral hydrate, barbiturates Amytal, Nembutal, Seconal, phenobarbital , benzodiazepines Librium, Valium , methaqualone Quaalude , glutethimide Doriden , and others Equanil, Placidyl, Valmid.

Drugs are any chemical substances that effect a physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral change in an individual. Drug abuse is the use of any licit or illicit chemical substance that results in physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral impairment in an individual. Hallucinogens are drugs that affect sensation, thinking, self-awareness, and emotion.

Hashish is the resinous exudate of the cannabis or hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Heroin is a semisynthetic derivative of morphine. Mandrax is a trade name for methaqualone, a pharmaceutical depressant.

Marijuana is the dried leaf of the cannabis or hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Methaqualone is a pharmaceutical depressant, referred to as mandrax in Southwest Asia and Africa. Narcotics are drugs that relieve pain, often induce sleep, and refer to opium, opium derivatives, and synthetic substitutes.

Natural narcotics include opium paregoric, parepectolin , morphine MS-Contin, Roxanol , codeine Tylenol with codeine, Empirin with codeine, Robitussin AC , and thebaine. Compares countries by freedom of the press. The lower the score, the more free the press of that country is. The scores are taken from the Freedom of the Press Index, elaborated by Freedom House , self-defined as "an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world".

The data used in the index come from an annual survey of media independence in countries and territories, assessing the degree of print, broadcast, and internet freedom in each of them. Proportion of seats held by women in national parliament: Women in parliaments are the percentage of parliamentary seats in a single or lower chamber occupied by women. Start-up procedures to register a business number. Start-up procedures are those required to start a business, including interactions to obtain necessary permits and licenses and to complete all inscriptions, verifications, and notifications to start operations.

Data are for businesses with specific characteristics of ownership, size, and type of production. Civil and political liberties Units: This is the average of two indicators - civil liberties and political liberties.

General government final consumption expenditure formerly general government consumption includes all government current expenditures for purchases of goods and services including compensation of employees.

It also includes most expenditures on national defense and security, but excludes government military expenditures that are part of government capital formation. Data are in current U. The primary national day of celebration - often independence day.

Burden of Customs Procedure measures business executives' perceptions of their country's efficiency of customs procedures. The rating ranges from 1 to 7, with a higher score indicating greater efficiency. Data are from the World Economic Forum's Executive Opinion Survey, conducted for 30 years in collaboration with partner institutes.

The round included more than 13, respondents from countries. Sampling follows a dual stratification based on company size and the sector of activity. Data are collected online or through in-person interviews. Responses are aggregated using sector-weighted averaging. The data for the latest year are combined with the data for the previous year to create a two-year moving average.

Respondents evaluated the efficiency of customs procedures in their country. The lowest score 1 rates the customs procedure as extremely inefficient, and the highest score 7 as extremely efficient. The mean value was calculated using the exact, unrounded values for both these dimensions, which, in turn, were derived from the ratings for the five political criteria based on 18 indicators and the seven economic criteria based on 14 indicators.

In some cases, therefore, the overall result differs slightly from the mean value. Time required to register property days. Time required to register property is the number of calendar days needed for businesses to secure rights to property. International law organization participation: Number of seats held by men in country's naitonal parliament or legislative houses.

Time to resolve insolvency years. Time to resolve insolvency is the number of years from the filing for insolvency in court until the resolution of distressed assets. Figures expressed per million population for the same year. This entry includes the chief of mission , chancery , telephone , FAX , consulate general locations, and consulate locations.

Number of seats held by women in country's parliament or legislative houses. Procedures to build a warehouse number. Number of procedures to build a warehouse is the number of interactions of a company's employees or managers with external parties, including government agency staff, public inspectors, notaries, land registry and cadastre staff, and technical experts apart from architects and engineers.

The location of the seat of government. Per capita figures expressed per 1 population. Time required to get electricity days. Time required to get electricity is the number of days to obtain a permanent electricity connection. The measure captures the median duration that the electricity utility and experts indicate is necessary in practice, rather than required by law, to complete a procedure.

The proportion of registered voters who actually voted. Year women first voted at national level. Head s of state.

Data were provided by states based on their definition of national executive and may therefore include women serving as ministers and vice ministers and those holding other ministerial positions, including parliamentary secretaries. Notes and remarks about the date on which Israel was officially recognized as a state. Quality of budgetary and financial management assesses the extent to which there is a comprehensive and credible budget linked to policy priorities, effective financial management systems, and timely and accurate accounting and fiscal reporting, including timely and audited public accounts.

Time required to enforce a contract days. Time required to enforce a contract is the number of calendar days from the filing of the lawsuit in court until the final determination and, in appropriate cases, payment. Data are as of 8 March Where there are lower and upper houses, data refer to the weighted average of women's shares of seats in both houses.

Procedures to register property number. Number of procedures to register property is the number of procedures required for a businesses to secure rights to property. Figures expressed per capita for the same year.

International IDEA has chosen to use not only the reported registration rate to calculate turnout percentages, but also the voting age population VAP which includes all citizens above the legal voting age.