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Then the first-borns start dying, and by Passover Benjamin is the only one remaining. It is arranged that he marry the President's daughter in Las Vegas , but Benjamin escapes again, to wander the country in his mother's robe. Back in New York City , his "sisters" catch up with him, and during cunnilingus with "Hanna", his tongue gets stuck and is torn off when the sisters try to separate them.

Without real Jews around to complicate things, America, and soon, the world, has become Affiliated. The President becomes chief of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. Those who refuse to Affiliate are sent to their "homeland", Polandland, where they are kept in ghettos, experimented upon, worked and starved to death, killed.

Benjamin finds his way there, too, visiting the towns of his mother's and his father's ancestors. In his wanderings, he sprouts the horns of a cow and ultimately he turns into a woman.

The Affiliated, however, revive the cult of his tongue, now displayed as a relic. And Wanda, now Affiliated, with a son of her own, remembers the visitor who came down the chimney to sit with Benjamin every night for the week after his birth: He has listed the punch line of a joke, who needs the setup any more, for every year that he has lived.

Because what should you do only laugh. The book received highly positive reviews from critics. The New York Observer stated Witz. Like any epic, it defies summary and overflows with puns, allusions, digressions, authorial sleights of hand and structural gags-in the tradition of Thomas Pynchon , James Joyce , Jonathan Swift and Laurence Sterne.

Its voice, however, is consistently in the rhythms and vocabulary of New York Yiddish. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Witz First edition cover. Ich hab dir nen Kuchen gebacken War grad auf einer polnischen Website Donald Trump's erster Staatsbesuch in Deutschland..

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